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Send your donation safely using PayPal or mail your check written to the Utah Skeleton and Bobsled Association:


Utah Skeleton and Bobsled Association

PO Box 901566

Sandy, Utah 84090


Include a message pertaining to the desired application of your donation.  If you wish to sponsor a specific athlete, make sure to send that information in a message through PayPal, email or enclosed with your check.  

Please do not put the name of an athlete on your check.

Thank you for your donation!

PayPal Step 1:

Click yellow Donate button and follow instructions. See Step 2 and 3 images.

PayPal Step 2:

Click image to view example  of how to add amount to donate and log in.

PayPal Step 3:

Click image to view example of how to add athlete's name on PayPal page.

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